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Oh man, Annie/Eren would have been interesting as fuck. So, so interesting. Such a missed opportunity.

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brooding anime husbando

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uhhhhh last one hmm ran x outarou lol


Aimi, for fuck’s sake. 

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E: I don’t really like it

I find both characters to be boring as fuck, haha.

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i am late for the ship thing but w/e EREMIKA lel

D: I’m neutral on it

I started out disliking this ship quite a bit, but my opinion on it has improved. And you can disagree with me all you want here, but I got a romantic vibe from their moment in chapter 50. 

All I’m saying is, if Eren is ever going to develop romantic feelings towards anyone (something I can’t see happening unless they manages to get rid of all the titans), then it’s likely going to be Mikasa. We’ll see.

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Shingeki no Kyojin’s editor, Kawakubo Shintaro, was interviewed by University of Tokyo (Todai) Newspaper. The interview is published online recently. He also studied Economics in Todai.

Note: It’s rather long, and I didn’t bother to read everything. Anyway, here’s the parts I find interesting.

Edit: Here’s the official news article on ANN

And another article on Crunchyroll (which somehow credits me for something, lol)


Points of interests

  • They plan to end the series in 3-4 years.
    (T/N: In a previous Q&A session with editor, he mentioned that “Isayama wants to end snk within 25 volumes”. Do your own math)
  • Editor and Isayama meet up at the start of the month for 7-10 days to discuss the storyboard.
  • The storyboard is rough sketches for the manga.
  • Isayama works on the storyboard at Kodansha.
  • Despite being popular, Isayama is still very humble.
    (T/N: He also mentioned the same thing in this interview)
  • They are done with the foreshadowing.
  • Isayama said the next step is steering the story towards the ending, and solving the mysteries.
  • None of mysteries he finds interesting ever since serialization started have been solved yet.
  • Please look forward to it.


Q: What is your favorite scene in “Shingeki no Kyojin”?
I like the scene where the character, Annie Leonhardt, reveals her identity to the main characters. Annie was once their comrades, and when they found out who she is, she confessed, starting with the words, “Seriously, I’m hurt”. I think that’s cool. As you know, Annie took the lives of Eren’s comrades. She’s a traitor so I was surprised when (Isayama made) Annie speak those words.


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Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.

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angelrin89 replied to your post: angelrin89 said:For Clay’s birthd…

You know you love me ;)

No way.

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but lan fan IS THE WORST CHARCATER IN FMA. she doesnt do anything. all she's there to do is be useless for ling to save and fuck later on. like what fuck obsess about a better character. nto some little bithc that dont do shit



*Bob Belcher voice* oh my god

First of all, I’d like you to look back at your life choices. What led you to this moment? What led you to being an utter ass fuck who sends anon hate? Most importantly, what led to you hating Lan Fan like this? Do you hate character development? Do you hate well roundedness? Are you the type of person who can’t stand the idea of a woman being adept in her field?

Let me tell you about Lan Fan, my friend.

Lan Fan is a strong, capable woman who’s determination allows her to defeat her obstacles. She may be taciturn at times, but holds actual human emotion (as insane as that might seem to you). Lan Fan is debateably the strongest character in the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

She doesn’t do anything? Lan Fan doesn’t do anything?

Sorry, I must have imagined the moment where she nearly defeats our protag in a fight. The scene where she keeps track of a shape shifting homunculus in a bustling crowd of people.

I must have imagined the part where she cut off her own fucking arm, while most likely concussed and already bleeding; to make sure that the 50 thousand+ people of the Yao Clan and her own Clan would have a king to lead them

I must have imagined the scene where she tricks a goddamn homunculus with a decoy blood trail by tying her arm to a dog.

I must have made up the scene where she nearly singled-handedly took down Gluttony - after only 6 months of automail surgery and rehabilitation. Half of the time that it took out main protag to finish his.

I must have imagined when she saved Greed/Ling’s life by grabbing his hand as he was about to fall into a reservoir. Consequentially ripping out her barely healed arm. 

And Lan Fan isn’t a feminist icon?? Are you for real?? I honestly can’t believe people have this shitty of opinions.

Yes, what a disgusting, non inspiring woman. She takes charge of her own life, makes her own choices, helps others. God, how disgusting.

Is this because Ling is a large part of her narrative? Newsflash, motherfucker. Woman can have relations with men without their entire story lines being about them. Lan Fan may be closely tied with Ling, her life sworn to protecting him, but she is in no way controlled by him.

Lan Fan has made her own choices and established her own relationships throughout the series. She has a strong friendship with Doctor Knox in the manga, his character and thoughts foil for her own.

She has a rivalry with Mei Chang, more potent than Ling’s considering that they’ve interacted for long periods of time.

She has many parallels with Edward Elric, Their prosthetic limbs and their tempers the most obvious.

Are you saying that because Lan Fan’s character is influenced by a man - she’s suddenly not self sufficient and powerful? Nah. Fuck that man. Rethink your life.

(And “…be useless for ling to save and fuck later on” god, you are a fucking pig. I’m seriously so disgusted I don’t even want to touch that with a ten foot pole.)

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