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I was telling these to dragonnutt but screw it I’ll post it here too.

So I was thinking of a couple of crossover Brotps…and last night I thought of ATLA and XS I couldn’t stop someone send help it’s too perfect

Dashi and Sokka are like mythbusters, totes bros. Sokka comes up with new ideas for Wu that Dashi can create, and Dashi is like “yeah that’d be awesome” then they go get hopped up on cactus juice on the weekend  But because Dashi can be a troll, Dashi decides to go along with Sokka claiming what they do is “FOR SCIENCE” meanwhile Chase is getting progressively more and more annoyed with them because “It’s magic you imbeciles”

Clay ends up having a odd friendship with Toph.  Not just because they both are earth ppl, but because she reminds Clay of his baby sister Jesse.  Toph understands because she doesn’t see eye to eye with her parents, so she can sympathize with Clay’s family issues.  They have rock throwing contests and Toph finds herself loving the “cowboy” lifestyle.  

Kimiko becomes buddies with Suki and Ty Lee.  They go on shopping sprees together and spar with one another.  (and drag Mai along with them when they go shopping).  Suki and Kimiko also have stories about their dumb boys they share.

Fung and Iroh are epic old guys who kick butt, sip tea and play Pai Sho while talking about their loveable (but losers) kids.  Dojo happily hangs out with him because now he’s got two cool old buddies.  (Plus he isn’t afraid to admit that he loves it when Iroh talks about what magnificent creatures dragons are).

Aang and Raimundo totally become bros and get into shenanigans together.  Raimundo loves it because Aang teaches him new tricks and games, and Raimundo in turn encourages Aang that nothing is more fun than pulling pranks on your friends.  They drag an unwilling Zuko along.  Raimundo was opposed to it, but regardless, Aang invites Jack on their shenanigan adventures.  Because Aang makes friends with everyone and doesn’t feel anyone should be left out.  Raimundo actually warms up to the idea when Jack does come up with some great pranks.  They pull a huge one on Clay and Toph, pissing the two off.  Aang, Jack and Raimundo flee, blaming it all on poor Zuko who is now being chased by two unhappy earth warriors.  (Zuko is plotting his revenge on the three once he gets away).

Omi of course follows around Katara like a little turtleduck.  He was very impressed with her water bending skills, and hearing she’s a master to boot made him eager to want to learn from her.  She doesn’t mind as she loves being called “Shifu Katara” and teaching Omi.  Plus her maternal instincts kicked into overdrive when she found out Omi was an orphan.  Omi hopes to surpass the “mighty Katara” and works hard following her lead.  Plus he likes showing off the new moves Katara showed him to his friends.  And Katara gives the best hugs, Omi likes her hugs.


Well then, why don’t you worry less about the tides, who have already made up their minds about killing you, and worry more about me, who’s still mulling it over…”-Azula

Wuya grins and smiles from a distance.

"What an adorable girl, she’s perfect.  Chase let’s adopt her!"

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I drew a flustered connie because the world needs more of it

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screencap meme: mushishi - 綿胞子

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oof I never know what to do with fineliner inked drawings

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damn attack on titan more like attack on……… my heart

pls fullview !

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falling in love with fiction

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i think the number one thing i’ve noticed while reading One Piece so far is

just how fucking unsettling Luffy’s stare is. like.


goddamn rubber kid starin your ass down for 5 minutes without blinking like

dammit kid you’re creepin me out go away

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I manage to turn everything into crap wow

yes that’s called digestion

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