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*someone who ive never met befores follow forever shows up on my dash* *im not on it* what the fuck

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you won’t be disappointed just click on it 


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Do you ever have passive OTPs

Like, you don’t read fic, you don’t look for art

but whenever something turns up you’re like hell fuckin yea

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nice characters are good and important and strong

nice characters are not in any way inherently less interesting or complex or cool or badass than asshole characters

nice characters who go through hell and still remain good and kind and compassionate are so so strong

nice characters are not weak or boring or less badass, nice characters are awesome.

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Hunter x Hunter - Episode 126

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More than a friendship, a companion.

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Track: Recover Decoration
Artist: Kosaki Onodera (Kana Hanazawa)

Nisekoi Ending Theme 2

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😸 Bakemonogatari:  Tsubasa Cat

She was enchanted by a cat. Enchanted by a cat just like I was attacked by a demon. The spirit had a good reason. In this case, the reason was probably the dissension and distortion in the family that brought her up. Still… Tsubasa Hanekawa offered her hand to me. During that spring break, even though she didn’t have any free time, nevertheless, she pulled me up from the deepest pit.
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tumblr said i “liked” your post, but in reality? i loved it. i love you

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do you ever see your face from a different angle and have a mental breakdown