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this is a cool test that gives you an rpg class and there are 100 possible results check it out

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heck yeah heck yeah HECK YEAAHHHHHHH


good aimi, you’re now officially an ichiruki shipper. congratulations on having superior taste.

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The Last Mission sounds ominous

"this is it, this is the last mission guys, hope you enjoy the ride. no more hunter x hunter for you." "oh, by the way, all your faves are going to die. now, don’t get mad, it was all hinted at in the movie title, it’s your own fault for not taking it literally."


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hxh the last mission online


i have here the link to watch the hxh the last mission on you tube, it’s not subbed yet, tought. hehe

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

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Look how itty bitty armin is next to them

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so is it a thing in (american) english to use “texas” as a word for like, something that’s out of control or chaotic, or as like, “crazy”? like “that party last weekend was totally texas!” 

because that is a thing people say in norwegian and i just think it’s important for americans to know that? 

this is the best thing I’ve ever heard

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"so, now that the 50 shades of abusive movie is coming out…”

i’m dying.

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Endless list of manga recs ⌈seinen⌋ → Goggle, Undercurrent, Mr. Bojangles, and Koohi Jikan by Toyoda Tetsuya

“Even now it is the same, as if nothing had happened at all…when faced with situations they can’t comprehend, people can only wait.”
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al and roy getting into a heated debate over which is better, cats or dogs

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